Nutritional products - Fish/Poultry

Organic acids - Acidifiers

  • SoftAcid® - Protected Organic Acids in liquid form
SoftAcid® is a blend of organic acids (formic and propionic) protected with Lignosulphonic acid. The Lignosulphonic acid provides a protective effect and makes the mixture safe for the user, non-corrosive to metals and skin, but also active in its antimicrobial effect. In practice, its use leads to improved daily live weight increase and to a significant improvement in feed conversion.

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SoftAcid® detailed trial results available on request

  • Agolin® - Aromas and essential oils for poultry and pig industry and for other monogastric animals
Agolin® is a natural essential oils premix which stimulates the natural production of digestive enzymes of the animal. It has powerful natural antibacterial action and is a reliable alternative to dismantled antibiotics for clostridia, E. Coli etc. Added in diets of broilers and spatial poultry, increases the growth rate of the birds. Experimental results from central Europe (Italy-France) are available.

Agolin® detailed trial results available on request